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According to the CDC, more than 17 million persons in the United States are estimated to have asthma, while prevalence and severity of asthma has increased dramatically over the last thirty years.

Many experts point to indoor air quality as a contributing negative health factor. While tightening commercial buildings and homes to increase energy efficiency, we have effectively reduced ventilation, and at the same time added to the types of chemicals used for construction and maintenance of our buildings and homes.

Healthy home instuction involves improving the air quality within our homes. This addresses indoor pollutants from mold to radon, moisture problems, the basics of building science, ventilation and filtration. We need to think about safer cleaning to eliminate many toxic chemicals from inside our homes; integrated pest management, a philosophy that utilizes the least toxic method for pest control, both inside and out-of-doors, even healthier interior decorating.

Creating a healthier home is often as simple as changing your mindset. Rethink how you clean your bathroom, paint your walls, and fertilize the lawn. Think differently about your home, from the inside out.