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September 2018
• Study assesses nesting success of salt marsh bird
• Meet graduate student Luke Belval
• Meet graduate student Stephanie Barnes Brown

August 2018
• Meet graduate student Zoe Esponda
• Meet postdoctoral fellow Katherine Pflaum
• Meet graduate student Garrett Maxey
• Meet graduate student Jingyue Duan

July 2018
• Programming of bovine stem cells from adult cells may help improve human and animal health
• Post-baccalaureate certificate program prepares workplace health and safety professionals
• Author and artist finds inspiration in UConn’s horses

June 2018

• Meet graduate student Jennifer Bourque

• Bariatric surgery study examines food and activity preferences

• Extension’s Center for Learning in Retirement offers memoir writing club

• Meet graduate student Dominique Martin

• Meet graduate student Taoran Wang
• The Department of Allied Health Sciences: an overview

May 2018

• The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment: an overview

• Meet undergraduate student Megan Pattoli
• Meet undergraduate student Morgan Hunte

April 2018

• Department of Nutritional Sciences: an overview

• Meet undergraduate student Keiona Khen

• Meet undergraduate student Djion Honess

March 2018

• Meet undergraduate student Emily Begue

• Meet undergraduate student Elyssa Denault

• Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology says exercise is the future of treating chronic disease

• Meet undergraduate student Daniel Munch

February 2018

• Meet undergraduate student Kirstin McLeod

• Horticultural scientist focuses research and extension on greenhouse sustainability

• Ph.D. candidate studies interaction of intestine and immune system cardiovascular inflammation

• Meet undergraduate student Risa Lewis

Meet undergraduate student Madison Blake

Landscape architecture students explore European cities on the trip of a lifetime

January 2018

• Extension and Connecticut Dept. of Ag team up to ensure state's growers FSMA compliant

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